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In the Felisa Tapas Bar, from the excellent Spanish food to the wide variety of drinks to the Mediterranean atmosphere, you can feel the “La vida loca” come to life with us.

With Hospitality and Gastronomy in her veins, Felicia Nagy realized her vision with this restaurant, thanks to her father, who runs the famous Hungarian Hell’s Kitchen, representing the traditional flavors of Hungary.

With the Felisa Tapas Bar, they wanted to bring something new to the Gastronomic map of Budapest, creating the experience of Tapas and delicacies with a Mediterranean atmosphere around the Basilica.

Besides the many different and delicious Tapas, soups, Paellas, authentic main dishes, and desserts are waiting for you. Most of our ingredients come from Spain, so you can taste the dried original Iberico ham, unique Mediterranean cheeses, Padron peppers, and assorted olives. The gazpacho looks and tastes like a Spanish grandma made it, and the Iberico ribs almost melt in your mouth.

As for the dessert, our Catalan cream and churros are a must-have. The drink selection brings back the best bars in Spain. In addition to the traditional wines, you can try the Cavá (Spanish sparkling wine) and dessert wines of Malaga. Besides the international cocktail recipes, our signature cocktails are also worth trying. Nothing is better than enjoying happy hours after a tiring work day right next to the Basilica.

You don’t have to travel far to feel like you’re in Spain for a few hours, as the Felisa Tapas Bar opened in May 2021 next to the Basilica, where the Latin vibe comes alive, from the delicious food to the excellent Spanish drink selection to the Mediterranean atmosphere. You can find all the flavors of Spanish cuisine, from gourmet tapas to seafood and churros.

In the Felisa Tapas Bar, from superb food to a great selection of Spanish drinks to the Mediterranean atmosphere, the effervescent Latin feeling of life comes to life.

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