As Halloween approaches, we are preparing spooky interesting things for you!

In addition to the hair-raising musical rituals, our team’s Bestiary is on display; only dead souls can give an account of their authenticity.
Since Galicia was part of the Celtic traditions due to its history, it does not hurt to know that Halloween is a modern adaptation of a holiday of Celtic origin.
The Celtic New Year “Samain” marks the end of the period of light and the beginning of the period of darkness indicated. The cold signalled not only the approach of the new season but also the living and the dead.
Here at Felisa Tapas Bar, we hide behind a mask so that the evil spirits don’t see us swimming in the splendour of light, trying to keep the evil away with mouth-watering and fiery food and drinks!
We warmly welcome all interested parties for a cosy weekend at Felisa Tapas Bar on Zrínyi utca 16.

From our Halloween offer::


Pet Sematary | 1390 Ft
Pumpkinhead | 1290 Ft


The Exorcist | 2990 Ft
Chocolate Chucky | 2690 Ft
Resident Evil | 3590 Ft
Bloody Brain | 1390 Ft