Are you craving a special Sunday brunch?

Look no further!

Felisa is a Spanish tapas restaurant and bar in downtown Budapest, right next to St. Stephen’s Basilica, where you can have a unique dining experience. If you love Spanish mouthwatering delicacies, this is the place for you!

At Felisa, our dedicated team astounds guests with distinctive Spanish flavours and expertly crafted dishes weekly. Following an authentic Spanish recipe, you can taste traditional tortillas made from fresh, high-quality ingredients in our restaurant. Pintxos are also among our specialties. Our carefully crafted bite-sized flavour combinations will enchant food enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on our Spanish brioche, a soft and delicious pastry.

We offer a wide selection for guests who want to enjoy a special breakfast. Our freshly prepared smoothie assortment provides the perfect opportunity for those striving for a healthy lifestyle to start their day. Of course, we also serve the classic Mimosa, a refreshing drink that complements breakfast perfectly.

Felisa Tapas Restaurant and Bar offer the perfect setting for a Sunday brunch. The cozy interior and friendly staff create a pleasant atmosphere, ideal for relaxation. Situated next to one of Budapest’s most famous landmarks, St. Stephen’s Basilica, the restaurant becomes even more appealing.

Don’t hesitate any longer! Visit us at Felisa and indulge in the world of special Spanish tapas and delicacies. Spend a delightful Sunday with us and savour the enchantment of our location and flavours!